1002, 2014

Yoga and its benefits

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I teach Hatha Yoga because I believe it is a well-rounded and balanced type of yoga. A typical class of mine commences with centering the mind and relaxing the body through basic breathing exercises called pranayama. We then stretch the body to ensure it’s prepared to move safely into yoga postures called asanas. Yoga postures […]

1002, 2014

Why yoga is good for you

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Yoga is so much more than just an exercise class, for me yoga is a way of life. Yoga creates flexibility, builds strength and tones the body. Developing strength in our core helps to support the lower back which is so beneficial especially as the body ages. Yoga brings calmness and peacefulness within, which is […]

1002, 2014

Studying Dru Yoga

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I am currently studying Dru Yoga which incorporates activations to help free tension, dispel tiredness, enhance the circulation and increase physical awareness. Dru Yoga also incorporates Energy Block Release sequences which can dissolve physical, energetic, emotional and mental blockages. Dru Yoga also includes postures, pranayama, mudras, meditation and relaxation like Hatha Yoga. Specific programmes to […]