Our “Mums & Bubs Yoga” 6 week series is specially designed for new mothers and their babies. It provides an opportunity for mothers to practice yoga while also bonding with their infants. Our classes cater for babies from six weeks to around two years of age.

The main focus of mums and bubs yoga is to create a relaxed and supportive environment for mothers to practice yoga and regain strength and flexibility after childbirth. The classes will include gentle yoga postures, stretching exercises, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods suitable for new mothers.

Benefits of mums and bubs yoga: 

1. Postnatal recovery: Mums can engage in gentle exercises that help tone and strengthen their bodies after giving birth.

2. Bonding time: The classes provide a special opportunity for mothers to bond with their babies through interactive movements and eye contact.

3. Social interaction: Mums and bubs yoga classes offer a supportive and understanding community for new mothers, fostering social connections with other moms facing similar challenges.

4. Stress relief: Yoga and relaxation techniques can help reduce stress and promote overall well-being for both mothers and babies.

5. Baby development: Certain yoga movements and exercises can aid in the development of babies’ motor skills and coordination.

6. Improved sleep: The relaxation techniques taught in class may help improve both mother and baby’s sleep patterns.

Our instructor (Dani) is a mum of two young boys and is experienced working with postnatal mothers. Our classes are safe and supportive for both mum and babies. 

No previous yoga experience needed.
All are welcome.

Wed 23rd August – Wed 27th Sept 2023

9.30am – 10.30am

Sacred Official / Tara Yoga, 3/16 Comserv Loop, Ellenbrook, WA 6069

If you own a yoga mat, please bring one. If not, we do have spare mats and option to buy a mat at the studio.

6 Week Series ($99) *Special Offer* 


Please book early to secure your spot.