What people have to say about Tara Yoga

We love to receive your feedback and comments so feel free to let us know how you feel about your experiences in our classes.

Natalie Jones

Sharryn Saracen is a fantastic member of our Arena Group Fitness Instructors team. Sharryn is a well qualified Yoga instructor who is always reliable, on time, has a great rapport with members and conducts herself in a professional way. Sharryn has a very kind and approachable nature which is evident in her Yoga classes. Sharryn is a wonderful asset to our group fitness team and I would highly recommend her to any future employers. I wish Sharryn all the best for her future teachings in yoga and will continue to keep her on our covers list in the future.


I have been practicing yoga in Sharryn’s class for several years now and have always found her to be very welcoming and interested in making everyone’s yoga experience an enjoyable one. Her teaching style is Hatha Yoga and of recent months has also introduced Dru Yoga which has added a great new dimension to the class. Sharryn’s instructions are very clear and easy to understand with great information on the benefits of the postures which cater for all abilities and ages. She has a great range of music to tune into and her inspirational quotes each week always give you something positive to take away from the class for further thought if you wish. I’m looking forward to many more classes with her – yoga an evolving journey, Namaste.

Judy Liddell”

Upon returning to yoga after many years absence, it was an absolute joy to attend wonderful yoga classes conducted so expertly by Sharryn. We were challenged only to our own ability and comfort which was very reassuring and I settled right back in with total trust and confidence. Sharryn’s knowledge and delightfully run classes took us into a total meditative relaxation and yet I for one knew I had stretched and exercised every part of my body. I can’t wait to attend Sharryn’s New Year program.

Lisa Appleby

I have been attending Sharryn’s Hatha yoga classes for several months now. I find by the end of the hour I am relaxed, energised and de-stressed. I spend most of my working week driving and sitting in a car, so doing regular yoga helps to unkink any bad posture/ positions I may have developed. It is a subtle strengthening and mind changing experience to practice yoga regularly. Sharryn’s teaching style is informative, relaxed and simple to understand and follow along and she also has a wonderful sense of humour which adds some fun to the class also. I would recommend her classes to all levels from beginner to advanced as she gives you options to work harder or back off if you have any niggling injuries. Go on, try it….you will LOVE IT!

Cathy Hay

The instructors at Tara Yoga are awesome and always take the time to help you and answer your questions. I go to the beginner’s class on Thursday nights. Robin always takes the time to help you and show you new things. Went to a make-up class today with Erin. It was great and she explains everything so well. Sharon owns the business and is so easy to talk to and very understanding. I feel so peaceful and relaxed when I leave each week.

Mary Wilson

This experience is quite new for me , I’m learning yoga now in the beginners group and I just love it , I feel very relaxed after my class , my only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago ,, when you walk into the studio it’s like walking into a tranquil world …. peaceful , well it is for me anyways xx.

Christian Smith

The owner is so polite and professional. As a bloke I was a little…..unsure. Sharryn treats everyone with respect and I felt that she honestly has everyone’s wellbeing and best interest in her heart.Booking again for 2017.

Christine Graham

This morning’s yoga mini retreat was amazing and great fun. Thank you Sharryn for organising another fabulous morning.

Suze Shatford

Had a wonderful yoga and relaxation mini retreat today at Tara Yoga. Thank you Sharryn, I will be back!! Namaste.

Karina Anne Hicks

Started as an absolute beginner to Yoga and now 12 months later am loving it. Sharryn is a great Teacher. Highly recommend Tara Yoga to anybody looking for a Studio to join.